Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marion County Library

My name is Kendra Smith. I am a Library and Information Science student at the University of Southern Mississippi. I have started my practicum this semester at the Marion County Library. Tuesday was my first day of working at the library. I started with cataloging on the first day. It was strange at first but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. On Wednesday, I covered books and put the labels on the spines and on the insides of the books. That was fairly easyto put the labels and stamps in the right places. On Thursday, I got the chance to work at the front desk. Now, that was hectic. I had to check in and check out materials. I had to help patrons with computer questions and other types of questions. I had to put movies in their respective places. I answered the phones and sent faxes for people. I also made black and white and color copies for patrons. All in all, my first week was very interesting and helpful. I can't wait until Monday to see what I will do next! I obtained this picture from

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