Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 6

This week at the library, I worked at the front desk. I definitely have it down pat now. It's so much easier and I am getting pretty smart :). It was a busy week this past week. The library ladies and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off, ha ha. The library allows local school kids to come and receive tutoring after school. There are always people needing to use our computers. We also do a lot of business in copying and faxing. We do have an ongoing book sale to raise money for the library. It does really well, we have people that come in and browse through and at least two (it's normally way more) buy hardbacks and paperback books. I really like being in the library it's peaceful and I get to help nice people. It's a little hectic at times, but I do like it. I helped some people with minor computer problems. Christi and I familiarized ourselves with the reference section this week so that we would know what we had in that section. We had a pretty good bit of stuff that would have come in handy for the students who were doing reports. We also found some pamphlets and papers that would also be useful for students' needing to do research. Next week I think I will be doing something besides the front desk, because I need to get a feel for the rest of the library. I can't wait until next week! (This photo is from

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 5

This week was a good week. The library was closed on Monday, so Tuesday was a very busy day. The library was packed on Tuesday, everybody came in to check out books and get on the computers. One of the classes of the local high schools is requiring their students to do a book report on someone famous, so the students have to have three books about that person. So we were very busy helping students and their parents find books. It was pretty quiet on Wednesday compared to the craziness of the day before. On Thursday, I worked at the front desk for a little while and then the director asked me to help out by covering books in the workroom. It is a very time consuming task, not hard, but you have to have things just so for the book to look right when you are done. I had to use three different kinds of tape! That was pretty funny to me, I thought all tape was created equal, but no, there are three different kinds to be used on the books when they are being covered. All in all, it was a very good week. The book I have pictured is one of the new books that was donated to the library. (It is a very good book if I do say so myself!) I can't wait to see what happens this upcoming week! (The picture was acquired from

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 4

Week four was a good week. I worked at the front desk some more. It is getting much easier since I am getting the hang of it. This week I also got to help with the book signing that was held at the library. It turned out nicely even though there was a somewhat smaller crowd than I expected. It was very interesting. (This is just one of the pictures that I took of the posters that were arranged around the library.) I didn't get a chance to buy the books from the authors but I will have to order some from them later. They each made a speech and then there were refreshments that were provided by the library staff. That was a good day. The next day was supposed to be my short day, but I decided that I would go read at one of the local nursing homes in Marion County. I went with one of the library workers and it turned out well. It was a small crowd but they were very friendly and they seemed to enjoy our taking time out of the day to come and visit with them. The people were so friendly and they enjoyed the books we brought to read to them. This week was a blast, I can't wait to see what happens next week! (This photo was taken by me.)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week 3

This week, I helped at the front desk. It's never a dull moment up there! It is usually pretty busy with patrons needing help, making faxes and copies, answering phone calls and checking books and movies in and out. I really enjoy it though. It's a very nice atmosphere. On Tuesday, the children's librarian was feeling better so I helped her with story time. That was so much fun! I enjoyed watching the little kids jump around and get excited about the books. The children's librarian likes to incorporate an educational theme into the story time if she can. The theme for Tuesday was circles. Every book had a circle in it. (One of the books she read was If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.) She likes to read about five books and let the children put felt cut-outs that match the story onto a felt sheet on the wall. She also likes to let them do a craft that they take home and then they get to dance around to a goodbye song before they leave. It was so much fun! The kids are so cute! That was what I did this week, I can't wait until next week! (This picture was obtained from