Thursday, April 1, 2010

Week 10

This past week was really great, it was my last week at the library. It was sad, because I have become friends with all the ladies there, they are great people. On Monday, I worked at the front desk and shelving the DVD's. On Tuesday, I worked at the front desk again, but I helped shelve a few books on that day as well. On Wednesday, my last day, the girls gave me a sweet card and a little stuffed lamb! It was so sweet! That was a busy day, we were swamped from the morning until the afternoon. I helped people with computer problems, I helped someone type up a resume, and someone else type up a flyer for their new business. I also helped someone else set up a new facebook page. It makes me feel good to help people. I will really miss my new friends at the library. (This picture was taken from the Marion County Public Libraries' facebook page.)

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