Sunday, March 21, 2010

This week was so much fun! I had a blast! On Monday we were really busy. I had to work at the front desk, so the most that I got done was shelving a few movies. On Tuesday, I shelved some books with another girl that works at the library. I also got to help with the childrens' story time. It was so fun, the little kids are always so excited to be there. For the story time, the childrens' librarian read them stories with a green theme, for example, there were two stories about frogs. After the story time, the kids have a craft time. For the crafts (they got to do two!) they made a little shamrock headband and they got to plant a flower in a cup. They were so cute in their little headbands! (I think that I would like to be a children's librarian or a school librarian.) On Wednesday, it was St. Patrick's Day so the girls and I put on green wigs and one put on a green hat and we wore those all day! It was so funny. Most of the people just laughed when they saw us. I worked at the front desk that day because they needed me there, but I shelved some more books and movies as well. It was a fun week, I can't wait to see what happens next week! (This picture was taken from the South Mississippi Regional Library facebook page.)

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