Sunday, March 14, 2010

This week, I worked at the front desk for a while. I also shelved some books, quite a few books actually. I also helped the childrens' librarian get things together for story time on Tuesday. That was what I did on Monday. On Tuesday, I helped with story time. I thought I was going to have to do it by myself. The childrens' librarian had to work at one of the other libraries' that day so I was going to help. Well one of the other librarians had a doctors appointment that morning and that's why I thought I might have to do it alone, but she got back just in time to read to the children. I did help though and the children had a great time listening and doing a craft after the stories were read. Tuesday was a fun day. On Wednesday, I worked at the front desk and I shelved movies for the first part of the day. That afternoon, one of the other librarians and I went to read to the elderly people at the nursing home in Columbia. It was fun, those ladies and gentlemen are so nice and they have fun listening to us read to them. I hope it brightens their day, it does mine. Well, that's what I did this week, I can't wait to see what happens this next week! (This picture was acquired from the librarys facebook page.)

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