Saturday, March 6, 2010

This week was a fun week. On Monday, I shelved books, quite a few books if I do say so myself. I shelved a bunch of fiction books and some non-fiction books. I liked that, it was at my own pace and I didn't have to interupt my shelving flow. It was pretty nice and quiet that day as well. On Tuesday, I worked at the front dest for a short while but at about two until six I helped the children's librarian for the Read Across America for Dr. Seuss' birthday. It was really fun. The kids read any book of their choosing for ten minutes. After they were done with their ten minutes worth of reading, they could get a red ribbon that said #1 Reader, a bookmark, a free book, make their own wacky hat and refreshments were offered for the children as well. It was a really good day. The little kids did an awesome job of reading for the ten minutes. Their hats were also very cute. I enjoy interacting with the kids, they get very involved in those books. On Wednesday, two of the librarians had to run errands and be at the Prentiss and Bassfield libraries so they were gone for the morning and most of the afternoon so I had to fill in at the desk. It's not bad working at the front desk, but I do enjoy working in other parts of the library. All in all this was a fun week! I can't wait until next week! (This picture was obtained from the South Mississippi Regional Library's facebook page.)

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